Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a little update on some of my favorite kids....

Paula's grant is getting up there :) It's $525.00 now. My darling little Sabastian HAS A FAMILY!

My darling little Lisette HAS A FAMILY!

Sweet little Jackson HAS A FAMILY!

Awe, my darling little Nicholas. His grant is $25, so someone donated to it....thank you!

Handsome Danil's grant is $615.00....... It's inching up there.

Precious Igor has a family strongly considering him!

Little Chelsea's grant is growing, bit by bit :)

My angel boy Toby HAS A FAMILY!

But oh, there are so many still waiting.......please go look now :)
Even if you can't consider adopting at this time, donations TRULY help bring these kids home!


  1. Thank You for being such a wonderful advocate for these kids Jodi! It gives us all a smile. :)

  2. Just look at these precious ones! Keep advocating mama! One by one they will have their families!! I just keep wondering how can we reach more people when we advocate for all of these precious children?!?