Sunday, November 7, 2010

This just breaks my heart...

Looking at sweet Catherine and her sad, sad face breaks my heart.
It makes me wonder what her day was like the day this was taken. Was she treated poorly? Did she not feel well? Was she longing for a mama to come for her?
I don't know, and I'll never know. But I sure think about it a lot. I know she got dressed up for this picture from the rotating closet because I've seen it on others.
I know that toy got put in her hands and her hair all done up in hopes it would make her look happier, prettier, more....enticing.
The whole thing just puts a lump in my throat.
She's such a treasure. With or without the dress and toy and fancy hair.
Look in her eyes, FEEL her sad existence. Really FEEL it.
It will break your heart, too.
She is waiting. Everyday, she's waiting. Won't you please save her?


  1. It breaks God's heart too which is why He's given you such a burden to advocate for His children! Thank you for doing such a good job of it!

  2. Oh precious baby girl....I'm in tears! How can we reach more families??????

  3. I love little Catherine & think of her often & pray every day for her to be rescued. She is soooo precious. It bothers me that she's been transferred to the mental institution just because she "aged out" of the orphanage. Thank you for advocating for her.