Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artiom has some important Dr. appointments this week

in the morning he has his sedated MRI, and renal ultrasound, and ABR, opthamology test, and probably some things I'm forgetting.

I'm very excited to see what he has for inner ear workings on the bad side, because we can go from there to determine what to do to restore hearing.

I'm also very excited, but somewhat nervous, to see his brain function and to see whats wrong with his kidney. I may find out things that I had no idea about....but I sure hope not.
Either way, we'll deal with it and keep moving forward :)

He's such a sweet little guy. By FAR my easiest child. He's so happy, well unless we're at the DR!

Please say some prayers for this weeks appointments :)


  1. Will do! We are on it.


  2. Praying for him and for you:)

  3. Hi Jodi,

    Praying for positive news this week and for you and Toma to be able to "handle" all of the visits. Poor guy.

    Gotta get back to entertaining the herd.


  4. hoping that things went well today. Praying you got good news!