Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Rose is 6!

Today is my Summer's 6th birthday! She's my little scrappy, sweetheart... and yes that's a snake she's holding :)
And we're so glad she's ours! She had big plans for today, a movie and grandma and grandpa coming over for cake tonight......but she doesn't feel good today :(
So we may have to have her birthday tomorrow....

*******Thank you all for your encouraging and wise did really help! It's a good feeling just knowing someone out there is thinking about you and cares enough to reach out...THANKS.

There have been some new developments and I can say there *may* be a light at the end of this tunnel :)


  1. Happy Birthday Summer Rose!!!! I'm sad you don't feel well but I hope you get to celebrate soon!!!

    You are still 6 today!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blessings on your new year of life.

    The Thibault Family

  2. Happy Birthday to your little girl!!
    I hope she is feeling better so she can really enjoy her BDay party
    Kelly Selkirk-OH

  3. OK I'll join the others in saying Happy Birthday to darling Summer Rose! I'll also wish her a speedy recovery so she can enjoy all of her birthday treats and goodies very soon!

    BUT NOW I'm going to fuss at Summer Rose's Mom for letting her blog friends dangle every so perilously on the cliff of possible good news!!! I hate when people do that (unless it's me of course and then I get a good chuckle out of it). So, your next post better have some REAL information and not this teaser stuff of there "may" be a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I'm just about ready to spit and I know you don't want that! :)

    Love you anyway you turkey!

  4. Well I would pee my pants if my six year old came around holding a snake.

    Happy Birthday to her :)

  5. Hey Jodi!! Email me? There's a link on my blogger profile and I'll tell you where Aaron is!! I dont want to announce it yet because they haven't passed court.