Friday, July 30, 2010

long lost brothers?

don't you think these two look alike?
If Alex had a hat on they could be twins.
(sort of)
This is Brady, a little boy in 'my special country' who needs a family. I think he's such a darling! So sweet and innocent.
And totally behind the 8 ball in life. His life needs to be bought back, so he can have a chance to live!


  1. Oh my goodness they do look related. What cuties!

  2. The resemblance is just plain weird... maybe a sign, mama! I don't know, but I think Brady may just be yours... you just don't know it yet...

  3. Just when I think I've seen pictures of all of your kids...another one pops up on your blog! How many are you up to again? This count doesn't include the livestock--too confusing! ha ha!

    Yes! What a resemblance! Very interesting...very interesting indeed...hmmmm...still praying!!!

  4. Oh I want it to work out!

    Both adorable....praying.

  5. Wow! They really look related! I pray that they will be one day.