Wednesday, July 21, 2010

playing in the pool, and dancing in the rain!


  1. Toma is so cute in his pool! You can see how much he enjoys the water.

  2. Great job Shane! I loved seeing Toma on his tippie toes out in the rain! I especially liked the half-eaten watermelon on the deck railing--was that left out there for the llamas???

  3. Butterfly's Kristin, Butterfly's.

    We're doing an experiment, sort of (it's more like me yelling to get that dang piece of old watermelon out of the house and that's where it ended up)
    But we have about 8 butterfly's at a time out there...and a bizillion fly's...all my old fruit ends up there.
    I actually raised 2 squirrels from teeny babies and put that thing up to keep their food on it once I let them go.
    But anyway, butterfly's are such beautiul creatures. No spitting, no smelling, no droppings. They don't travel in herds.
    Yes, we like butterfly's.
    And I cringed when I saw that in the video, along with the messy yard, because I knew SOMEONE would say something! :)

  4. what an awesome video! beautiful!