Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where is that light???

The light at the end of the tunnel that I was talking about last week. It's not the light I was hoping for, but I'm praying SO HARD that it will still shine in it's own time.

I want to go back to 'my special country' for a little boy, a little boy that I feel is my own child when I look at him. Like he 'belongs' with us.

We have just run across roadblock after roadblock with trying to make it work in OUR time. MY time. Which is NOW ;)

I am so hoping and praying it will be soon, but it's looking like February or March 'IF' it does happen at all. That's a looooong time. Especially for him to wait, he's already in an institution. But after Artiom's adoption and all the time we spent there, Rich doesn't have enough vacation days left this year even IF we had the money.

So we wait.

And I am trying to listen to what direction He wants us to go in....but I always twist and turn it to meet MY wants...especially when it comes to adoption. But that's easy to do! I mean, we all know He wants us to love these children who have nothing and no one. To take in the 'least of these' ....

But honestly, we are so blessed by Artiom, with his sweet innocent nature...he teaches all of us what Gods kind of love is. Pure, easily given, gratefully received, from his imperfect little body but with his perfectly beautiful little soul.

He (Toma) can't speak, yet says so much, if only we slow down to listen.

Now I'm totally off subject here....

But adoption is such a beautiful thing. It's easy to get off subject :)

I sure would appreciate your continued prayers about the little boy we want so badly to bring home.



  1. how many kids do you have now? I have 10 and my husband swears up and down that after all the probs we had in Ukraine we are DONE DONE DONE dont even think about it, DONE! and yet Madeline still waits. I adore her. she needs a mama! she is so precious. I just cant think about being done while she waits! but as you said, all in good time and all in god's time. heck I dont even have my 4 home yet! leaving aug 1!

  2. Jodi, I love your heart and more importantly, God knows your heart for this little boy. He will bring this child home in the best timing and to the family He has chosen for him. I truly hope it's you guys and that it's sooner than later, but I also know that since you already love him so much, that you'll accept it if it's not your family.

    I also love what you wrote about Toma. What a blessing he is to all of us who "know" him and your family!!!

    Hang in there girlfriend. Waiting on God is never easy but it's in the waiting that we learn more about His love for us and His character. He's working behind the scenes big time on this one!

  3. Hi Jodi,

    I actually meant to post a couple of weeks about God's timing. He is really working with me on this one! I have been waiting to adopt now for about 6 years and each month is getting harder and harder. I have had many moments when I ask "Why have you placed these beautiful children on my heart when we have so many obstacles to adoption right now?" And, at times I get downright angry. Then, I go back to a verse of scripture that I received while at a women's retreat some time ago. The verse is from Galatians 6:9 "Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up." I know that God has given me this desire for a reason and he will reveal his plan to me in His time. I have already seen one MAJOR obstacle removed. Now I just need to wait and see the others removed. I know in time they will be. But.....the waiting is soooo hard! Hope this helps.

  4. Praying Jodi!
    God's Will will be done. I am praying more for your peace with it (and trusting that it fulfills the desires of your heart.) He loves to do that for His children when we seek Him first.