Friday, July 23, 2010

Chinese comments...

OK, I'm getting real tired of these....if you click on them they bring you to somewhere nasty. Not nice.
Why would someone bother to do this on nearly every single post....only to spread evil.
So, how do I block these? I'm not computer savvy, but I changed the comment thing to registered users....instead of anyone.

Will that do it?? We shall see.


  1. Oh...those are just spam thingies. Just delete them right away. They're why I put my blog comments to moderation.

  2. leah maybe you could tell us how to put comments on moderation?

  3. Oohh comment moderation: Ok, go to your dashboard: then you'll see a tab that says "settings", and another along the top that says "comments", which will bring you through the options for comment moderation. For example, on one of my blogs, I have the word authentication open, and I have it email me when a blog comment needs to be moderated. For another blog I don't have the email option set, nor the word verification. You can play around with your settings for a couple of weeks and see what works best for you based on the amount of traffic your blog gets.

  4. Jodi - I get them with almost every single darn post! What a pain. All I know how to do is reject the comments - I moderate mine.

  5. LOL... I get them too. So dumb! I need to just delete them!