Monday, July 19, 2010

Long day...

It was long and busy, but all in all it went well.

At the renal ultrasound we found out that he only has one kidney.

At the ABR we found out that he has impaired hearing in his good ear, as well as his bad ear, so he will need hearing aids on both.

I didn't get any results on his brain image, or skeletal issues....hopefully tomorrow I'll know some more.

His EKG went well.

He screamed like he thought he was going to die at the X-rays, and he had to have a lot of them!

He had to have a lot of sedation, and so it took him a little longer to come out of it. Like almost 2 hours.

Tonight he just looks tough, he really needs to go to bed :)

Up bright and early in the morning, we need to leave the house by 6:30 am! Yikes. That's early for us.

He has 5 appointments tomorrow, then hopefully none for a while. Top of my list for the next round of appts is sedated dentistry, he REALLY needs that done, and of course the cleft palate. Then we're still working on the glasses and hearing aids.

Can you imagine what his life would have been like if he had stayed in an institution all his life? He wouldn't be able to hear, to see well, to speak, and he probably would have withered away from malnutrition. Thank God we found him, and he found us :) He is SUCH a blessing.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow, after Shane downloads them from his phone.
I always have a headache on the appointment I was trying to figure out why. All I could come up with is that I usually wear the same pair of capri's because they're my only 'nice' ones. They are also too tight. So I have come to the conclusion that the headaches are a result of lack of oxygen...yet....I had a piece of cake at the hospital.



  1. You are goofy...Imagine what stress AND those capris could do. Thank God you don't have any stress!!!!!!

  2. Oh the poor baby I shiver when I think of what would happen to such a little sweet pea without you all. I can't believe he only has one kidney. At least you know now why he's not responding so verbally if his hearing is impaired. Awe, big hugs to him.

  3. Can't imagine how tired you must all be!! Then to have to get more done today!! poor baby!
    (elastic waist!)

  4. Where in Minnesota are you? we are about 40mins North of the Twin Cities! We are adopting Alina from 19!

  5. How bizarre! I have two very good friends who live in St Michael (and Otsego)! We are in Becker. Your little guy is a doll, I can't wait to see him in glasses, too cute! Alina will need glasses too I'm sure, with her strabismus. Not looking forward to all the doctors appointments when we get home though. I'm sure you understand, I've been reading about all the appointments you've endured.

    Well its nice to meet you, maybe we can get our little Ukrainians together some day! :)

  6. I thank God that He allowed you and Artiom to find each other as well! He is with the BEST Mommy and Daddy ever! And whenever you're ready to add our extended family into the mix you're more than welcome to become a pseudo-Italian! Although come to think of it, we may need to do something about the "ski" part of your name. (I grew up telling Polish jokes because of course, all the other kids were telling Italian jokes).

    MOVE TO NC!!!! I thought that was almost settled awhile back and now I've heard nothing about it, nada, zilch! Is it my spitting issue??? Because, if so, I can probably get an intervention on that.

    OK, get some rest, let out your pants, and keep eating cake. That's what my Nana would have told you anyway! :)

  7. Oh My! Kristin you are SO DANG FUNNY!

    I would have loved your Nana too :) That's the best advice I've heard in a long time!

    And I have been thinking about NC, but I have been thinking more about TN. Only because I've been there...I haven't been to NC, so it seems a little ...I don't know...scary, to think about moving somewhere I haven't been.

    I want somewhere mild, but not as hot as FL. Don't really want to be in a hurricane path. It would be wonderful to be able to drive to the ocean, yet live in the know, maybe get a few llamas....that sort of thing.

    Dye my hair black...lose the 'ski' and add something De-lewand-alo....gotta work on that one a bit.

    Stop eating the I can look like you in a swimsuit....

    hmmm...sounding more like a stalker thing going on here...are you SURE you want me moving to NC????

  8. Poor thing. I would cry too if I had to do some many x-rays. They can be so annoying.... Poor little guy. I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

    On sedated dentistry be sure that is under the supervision of an anestiologist is the safety way.

    GOOD luck! Have a great week.!