Friday, December 3, 2010

Fatherless Friday

These children are all on the 'other angels' section of   They don't have Down Syndrome, but other special needs.  Please look at them, search your hearts, visit reeces rainbow.  And please pray for them. Pray for a family to step out in faith to rescue them, to make them a treasured part of a family.

 Pretty little Carolina,above, is only 4 yrs old and is such an angel.  She has AFO's on her feet. Can you imagine what a sweet daughter she would be??
 This is Doyle. (not his real name)  Isn't he sweet?  He obviously has cleft lip and some deformity of the hands.  But he's only 2 yrs old, so little and so alone.  Just look at that face, he looks afraid and lonely.
 Awe, my little Edwin.  I have loved him for so long.  He has Goldenhar like our Toma.  But he also has hydocephaly, but he may have had surgery for this already.  Look at that beautiful face!  Please rescue him!
 This is little adorable.  She was born with mild CP. But again, she's so young that therapy would make a world of difference....but a FAMILY would be a dream for her.

And another little Katerina.  This poor little one doesn't get out of her crib often at all.  She is closed away in an isolated room....she has hydrocephaly and strabismus.  But, gosh, those things are quite managable and just LOOK at those eyes!  What a darling little girl.

This is Brandon.  He just turned 5 and was born with mild CP, but is able to get around by himself.  He is just beautiful, but really needs someone to make him their son.  He needs a family.

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  1. You go girl! I know your efforts will not come back void and that many of these children will have families before their next birthday!!!

    I just noticed the 2 pictures on the sidebar that reference me in some way. I feel SO special to be on the new blog re-do!!! You really do LOVE me in a twisted, hillbilly kind of way. :)