Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visits, Blizzards and Goodwill......oh, and my Santa :)

My friend Gretchen ( who adopted from the same orphanage) came over the other night.  She was a hit!  She brought gifts for everyone and boy, were the kids excited :) :)
 Toma was doing his hand gestures saying to himself "who is this woman, who is this woman, who is this woman"  ha ha ha.
 We had a really nice visit.  She brought her sister Sue with, and I tell ya, those ladies are a HOOT!  They were both so dang funny and they're like twins in mannerisms and looks.  I hope they come back soon ;)
 Here's my Santa from the outside.....he isn't glowing as much as I want him to, but Rich says he's not bringing the ladder in anymore!  I already had him up there several times adjusting things :)
See this??  This is the view here in MN today. Total BLIZZARD.  Only a fool would go out in this.  So I did.  You see, I have to have my weekly entertainment of going to Goodwill on's the only time I get out of the house!  So, we went.  Rich drove of course.  It was crazy and I told him we should probably turn around, but nope...we're hardy Minnesotans!!  A little blizzard isn't going to keep ME from Goodwill.
Well, we get to the town that it's in and I said 'gee, that looks awfully dark in there'.....GOODWILL WAS CLOSED for the blizzard.  Can you believe it!?
That really stunk.
So, we went to the dollar store and came home.  Not much for entertainment.

I swear I don't know why we live here.

So we came home and the kids decorated ginger bread cookies that I got for them the last time I was at Goodwill!!!  Ha ha.
Shane was with when I bought them and was totally grossed out that I bought them there!  He's like 'oh mom! That's disgusting'!!!
But I said, 'well, they're $10 dollars a box at Walmart and they're $2.99 at Goodwill.....sure I know they're not this years....and maybe not even last years! (ok, or the year before that)  But hey, the fun is in the decorating, not the eating, right!?!

So....Gretchen, wanna come over for ginger bread cookies??   (where do you think that sugar cookie came from that you had)  he hee he.


  1. You are a nut... Goodwill would have to be on fire and the only place in town to get warm before I'd go out in that. Crazy woman.. :)

  2. I know why I only got one comment on this (thank you Renee)
    You are all freaked out by Goodwill! Yeah, I know....I used to be the same way!

    But then I got over it. It's fun. I hate clothes I don't like regular stores. And me and Michael always say "you just never know what you're gonna find"!!! :)

    Try it sometime. It's not as freaky as you might think.

    Well, I suppose that depends on WHERE you are....I did go into one in Florida once and I have to say....FREAKY! (but interesting)