Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lots of pictures...Toma's bad haircut, gingerbread cookies, Christmas gifts AND Aunt Patti!!! :)

Yikes.  Toma's haircut.  He cut the front himself, I swear!

 Sorry these are in weird order, but I have such a hard time moving them...
 We let the kids open a present tonight, which was some food treats that they don't get all that often.

Making gingerbread cookies a couple weeks ago...

Toma didn't want any part of it...

 Alex and the frosting...what a mix.  (note his hair..sigh...I like it better longer)

 Michaels cookies.

 Another shot of Toma's hair...

 Summers cookie...

Me and Artiom at Thanksgiving....yes, his hair was beautiful that day....(another sigh)

Michael giving me a kiss tonight for his can of peaches :) :)

 Me and the gang,  notice Artiom eating his's his favorite thing in the world!  When he opened it tonight, he ran to the silverware drawer and brought me a spoon :)

 yummy, more pudding...

****This is Aunt Patti!!!!!  We'll see if she's still talking to me tomorrow night after posting this....but come on, she's so darn cute!****

And finally, Michael and his chicken in a biskit with cheese spray!  I tell ya, I have easy kids to shop for ;)


  1. I love all of this. The pictures and presents! Perfect! I like Toma's haircut. It is cute. I like it do a nice job. I don't see his "cut" in the front that you talked about.

    Hi Aunt Patti!

    You're a way fun mom...I'm not showing this post to my kids!

    Merry Christmas Jodi and family!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas... I like Toma's hair cut too. I love that the kids love food gifts... they are my kind of kids. We do the same but I always said one of the ways I love on them is thru the food I prepare or buy...

  3. Great pictures of you and the kids Jodi! Their haircuts are awesome and I think you all look adorable! But you could delete (or crop me out of) the second to last picture, that one is scary! See you tonight for our Christmas Eve dinner :o)

  4. I like his haircut! Next time, maybe color it purple and he'll look like a rock star!

    Great idea about the food presents! I could give my kids anything with red dye and my kids would be happy!

    Merry Christmas!