Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shavers Remorse

I have 'shaving remorse' again.....

yes, I shaved the little boys hair.  I was only going to cut it a little. Artioms hair gets so bad because he stands in his crib and rubs his head back and forth against the crib tent....it turns it into terrible tangles and dread-lock sort of hair.  So after brushing out his tangles everyday I decided it would be MUCH easier to just cut it off.

So, I gave him a nice cut.  But....he still did rubbed it on the crib tent and rubbed it into little tight dread-lock type things.

So, I decided to get the buzzer out...nothing good ever comes from me getting the buzzer out.

I shaved it.  Then Alex looked like 'Cousin It' with his longer locks next to Toma's shaved head.  So he was next.

Now, I'm regretting it.  And just so you know, you CAN shave your hair w/o the buzzer actually being on...Toma did it... right in the front.  And there's not really anything I can do about it other than going right down to the skin, which I am not!  :)  It's close enough already.

So... there probably won't be any Christmas pictures coming on my blog ;)


  1. me too, pictures, pictures please! I need a good laugh!

  2. Just today I was complaining about the hideous tangles I have to comb out of Isabel's hair every morning due to her rocking from side to side in her bed. At least with boys it's more acceptable to break out the shaver! Not so much a little girl! (Believe me, I'm tempted.)

  3. I want to see pictures too! Oh, come on, we all love you anyway (although you won't be bringing the buzzer when you move to NC)!

    Nadia does the same thing in the crib and makes a tangled mess of her hair. I pull it up in a high ponytail on her head and that seems to help. Do you think they will ever stop rubbing their heads???????