Sunday, December 12, 2010

An honest post....with a little humor ;)

I have NOT been a blessing to be around lately.  I don't know what it is, but I've just turned into a total grinch...and I don't even care. (and this is what I looked like after eating the whole box of truffles)   
 Everybody and everything is getting on my nerves and it shows.  Just ask Rich ;)  

Obviously the blizzard hasn't helped much, I'm SO not a winter person.    Last year at this time we had the Ukraine trip to look forward to and the anticipation of meeting Artiom....

I don't know.  I have always battled the blues, but it's particularily hard to shake lately.  I need something to look forward to.  I need to MOVE SOUTH :)

Seriously, I need to clean up my attitude whether I like it or not.  It's affecting the whole family.  I mean really, look at what it's done to little Toma.....!!!


  1. I feel awful about the truffles. I must admit, you looked much better before. If I had any idea, I would have never given them.

    I think I felt a bit like you today...pretty sure my kids did too, to some degree. Ironically, it was Joy Sunday in Advent. I was grouchy because of disobedient kids, Science Fair projects, a mess, Christmas cards need to get out, I'm not nearly finished with Christmas shopping, no tree up yet, sick kids and did I mention disobedient kids!!!

    If I thought the truffles would make you feel any better I would send another box.



  2. It's not much better here in Georgia; it's going to be 13 degrees tonight here! I hate winter too!

    Hey, I could use a box of truffles Gretchen! I just ate a bunch of Oreos and they didn't do the trick at all!


  3. Jodi--looks like you need to rule out Goergia...Hi Catherine!

  4. yeah, scratch THAT one!

    And hello Catherine.....what part of GA do you live in??

  5. It's beautiful and sunny here in NC and yes a bit chilly but it's sunny nonetheless. I could show you how to embrace winter. Heck, I'm only 2min. by car to the closest Starbucks and it would be my treat everytime we went. :) So, perhaps you and I could find a nice apartment because I'm certainly not going to ruin our new Utopia with children and husbands and pets. Let me know when I should start searching the ads. ha ha ha

  6. Hi Jodi,

    We live in Roswell, GA, about 20 minutes north of Atlanta. Great area, very kid friendly!