Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting ready for my visit with Gretchen :)

Well, it took all day, but the house is clean.  Gretchen is in town tonight so she's going to stop by for a visit. 
I bribed the kids to clean by saying they could each have a small Christmas present tonight if they did a lot of jobs for me :)

There's like 7-8 kids here right now though, so it's hard to keep it clean.  I'm making them all stay on the couch until she gets here!

We even hung the world map over a big hole in the wall from when one of my angels pushed a watermelon down the stairs and it smashed into the drywall and EXPLODED.  You wouldn't have believed the mess.

Toma is all spiffed up, his hair is all slicked back (and it's not toilet water this time) and he even smells good :)  oh, and we got out the fancy tablecloth again....and they ALL know better than to EAT on it!

I'll post some pics hopefully tomorrow, and of the big Santa in the window too :) :)

** wish ya were here Kristin ;)


  1. Sitting in Serbia, green with envy!!!!!

  2. I wish I was there too! Hope you guys have a fun visit. I'm sure with 8 kids, Gretchen doesn't mind a little mess here and there. However, the watermelon thing might push her over the edge.

  3. And boy was her house clean! NO goofy husband replied to an email she sent asking what time I'd be there.

    He said, "I am leaving my kiddos right now. Should be there in about an hour. Hope your house is clean because my sister has a cleanliness disorder. I should have told you about that sooner :) She might end up picking up toys and things like that and she also snoops through cupboards looking for clutter. Sorry. I can help you clean a bit when I get there. Hubby left behind to take care of kiddos, including Stasi who has stunk up the entire house. Yikes!!!

    Gretchen <3"

    Number one, he says I say "kiddos" so he likes to add that. Number 2, my sister has no such disorder. Number 3, you should see her cabinets :-) Number 4, I don't do "<3" to anyone, except once to him today. Number 5, Stas is one super sick boy and the house really, really stunk today....worse diarrhea ever!


    Strange man!
    But had fun at your house today!!!!