Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Charlotte Mason, anyone?

Ok, after researching home school curriculum for this year, I have come to the conclusion that I like this woman, Charlotte Mason.

She taught of a relaxed home school environment with short lessons that spark the imagination. Focusing on the CHILD, and their strengths and interests. And again, building that imagination.

So, now that I know what style I think we are going to focus on, I need to find the right curriculum to go with it. I'm thinking about Heart of Dakota, or Living Books. But it's expensive all right. I wanted something that came complete and with daily lessons all mapped out for us and that don't take too long and that are interesting!

Any suggestions??


  1. Love Charlotte Mason. There are all kinds of things out there Charlotte Mason based. Have you checked out Ambleside Online,, or queenhomeschool.coml?

  2. - It isn't Charlotte Mason but it is GOOD... of course I am writing it so what can I say...

  3. I was going to suggest Ambleside as well. I like the Charlotte Mason theory. Oh or Five in A Row, it's literature based I believe. Still kind of expensive though unless you have an awesome Library. We do not :(

  4. I don't homeschool you know...but i see what you are doing here. This is your way of getting homeschool followers now too?! Some people will do anything.....


  5. I'll take it any way I can get it dear Gretchen!

    You do glasses for cute babies....I do homeschool.


  6. Jodi,
    Whichever curriculum you decide on, it would be worth looking for it used on (It's a vegetarian site that just happens to have the most-traveled used curriculum board on the internet to my knowledge). On the home page, look for "Homeschooling", which will take you to their "Homeschool Talk and Swap" boards (I have this on my favorites, so I bypass the rest of Vegsource altogether). I have been buying and selling on this site for years and have had very few problems. There is one more site, that has a lot listed, too. I almost never buy new...just about anything I have needed for homeschooling can be found on the used boards. I have frequently seen Heart of Dakota (HOD) things listed, for instance. Hope that helps! I'm trying Five in a Row this year with my two youngest, who have ADD and PDD-NOS, respectively.