Friday, August 27, 2010

What a day! I am the biggest airhead EVER!

Oh, my goodness, what a day.

Where do I start....

I had a coupon for a buy one get one free lunch at Space Aliens, which is a Alien themed restaurant nearby. We only go there once a year on Michael's birthday. Just me and Michael went today.

I wanted to take pictures of him with his silly alien do-dads on his head, the birthday kids get to wear them, but my camera on my cell phone was full and I couldn't figure out how to delete any in order to take more.

Anyway, the food was ok, but the real fun there is the arcade thing they have. That's why Michael chooses to go there. Well, I also had a coupon for 10 free tokens. He cashed that in and got a little cup of tokens. We went to play and of course, it doesn't take long to use up 10 tokens and then he wanted some more.

I didn't have any more cash on me so I got out my credit card and put that in the token machine. I was looking for the smallest amount you could get.....hmmm, I only see big numbers......I don't want to spend $10.00 on tokens! Oh, but wait! There's a button for a dollar!! YAY.

So I push that one and it says it has to get approval from the bank....ok, that's weird for a dollar, but whatever.
Then it says approved and out comes tokens....and more tokens....and MORE TOKENS.....then in absolute HORROR I realize I had hit the ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I panicked and called a worker over and pointed at the tokens falling out all around us, dumbfounded, pointing...shaking my head, saying 'no, no, NOT A HUNDRED DOLLARS WORTH" I only wanted a dollars worth....more shaking my head, feeling like I was going to throw up.

She said, "sorry, but there's nothing we can do"....

More pointing from me and still shaking my head looking pretty sick at this point.

I told her I needed to talk to the manager, he quickly came over and I went through the whole thing again, saying "I just CAN'T spend a HUNDRED DOLLARS on tokens, I just CAN'T....there HAS to be a way to fix this!

I honestly felt light headed and thought I was going to be sick, all I could picture was Rich, at home, when he saw that transaction go through....because he knows every cent I spend WHEN I spend it!

The manager said the same thing, 'there's really nothing we can do'.......but I must have had a look of pure horror, like I felt, because he said, 'ok, ok, we'll collect all the tokens ( that were still coming out of the machine) and we'll give you the $100.00 cash'...Thank God!!!!!

I called Rich and tried to explain it all but I was still so flustered. All he cared about is that I was getting the money back. Can you imagine, buying 400 tokens? Goodness.

So, they collected them all in buckets and had the workers counting them all and they DID give me the money...they were still counting when I left :) I don't think I ever want to go back there again!

So, I really didn't feel well after that. We were going to go to a movie, but I told Michael I didn't feel well and lets do something else.....I know...lets go for a nature hike!!!

Putting my credit card into that machine was bad idea #1....going on a nature hike was bad idea #2.

We drove out of town to a park preserve we used to go to many years ago with the older batch of kids. Many years ago, when I was MUCH younger and in MUCH better shape. :)

So we start walking and saying "oh how beautiful this see this flower, you see that bird.....nice things like that.

Then Michael starts saying he's thirsty. We're about 30 minutes into it and he's really complaining about wanting water. Well, we didn't plan on going hiking, and we didn't bring any water.

We keep walking......and walking....and walking....he's still complaining about being thirsty.

We stop to rest in the, I must have been a lot younger when we did this before.....I'm getting winded and so is Michael.

But we get up and keep going. and going. and going. He's not having so much fun anymore. I say something about he better stop complaining or a bear might hear and come and eat us. (we're totally out in the boonies with NOT another soul in sight) he says that would be good because atleast he could kill the bear and drink it's blood.........yeah, I know. He's 8.

We keep walking and I'm starting to wonder just where it comes out, I mean, it MUST like wind back around to where we started, right?....


By now, it's been over an hour of walking probably more like an hour and a half and he's about had it. It's hot and dusty and not very fun. He throws himself down on the ground and wails "I'm going to die"!!!!

So we rest there for a while. Then we're off again. There were many T's in the path and we had to guess which one to take. We chose poorly.

Over 2 hours into it, I'm seriously getting worried. I tried to pretend we were pirates and looking for treasure and keep positive and talk about how beautiful it was, but he wasn't buying that AT ALL.

It was so HOT. We had NO water. We were TOTALLY lost.

He finally broke down and lost it. I kept walking and he followed behind balling his head off. For atleast another 45 minutes. It was miserable.

I tried calling Rich to tell him to come find us! But he didn't answer.

So, we kept going and FINALLY came to a clearing....civilization!!! We saw a gravel road and got on it and low and behold it brought us out.

We both ran for the water fountain and drank and sprayed water on our feet, which both have blisters. I was wearing flip flops. Not a good choice for hiking.

Then we came home and the kids Michael invited had something come up and couldn't come to his party.... I tell you nothing was going right today... so we just ate some cake and now I want to go to bed and forget this day!



  1. Note to self "dont ask jodi how to have a great birthday celebration for your child"
    ok got it. :)
    just kidding ! love your life, you crack me up :)

  2. Oh no! That is something I would do LOL... I am so glad you ot your money back.

  3. Oh Jodi--
    You have a way of letting your readers feel your desperation. I must admit, I was laughing hysterically with the coin thing, but feeling horrible for you with the hike thing.

    Call me, I can tell you how to delete photos on your phone! (Hint: it is not right-click!)

  4. I want to come live in your house with you! Your life is so much more exciting than mine. You could always have sold those tokens for twice the price to unsuspecting kids (when their parents weren't looking of course). Just a thought. tee hee (Yes, I did just write tee hee even though you totally freaked out on me for doing that--so much for mild-mannered, sweet Jodi that I thought you were! ha ha!)


  5. Kristin, you exaggerate like my teenage daughter!

    Now, you know darn well I'm sweet and mild mannered... *!!##!!* ....! ;)


  7. Jodi - Isn't your last name Lewandowski? I e-mailed to that address... I re-sent.... my e-mail is