Tuesday, August 31, 2010

homeschool and haircuts

We started out homeschool program this week. I like it so far :)
It's FIAR (five in a row) and the kids really like the stories. We're studying Japan. So, we also made noodles and watched Anthony Boudaines (sp?) travel channel episodes on Japan. Note to self: Anthony Boudaine has SOME things that aren't ENTIRELY appropriate for 8 yr olds ;)
But we really like watching those kind of shows. We REALLY love Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Michael could watch that every day, and I have to say it does kind of draw you in :)

The little boys both got hair cuts today, by me, in the kitchen sink :)
They look SO much better, especially Toma, his had gotten way too long and shaggy. Now he looks like a sweet little boy, a lot like he looked when we first met him.

Tomorrow I have to give my biggest boy, Shane, a hair cut too. It's funny that he's almost 19 and still asking me for hair cuts.( you see, he makes his OWN money now, so why spend it when MOM can do it for free?!)

I SO want to move to the country. I'm really tired of culd-de-sac life. Really.

If I had my way (dream) we'd move to a southern farm/ranch and we'd also travel back to 'my special country' to adopt another child or two.

Then, I'd be perfectly happy :)


  1. Hey, I just threw the two little boys in the dry tub and buzzed their hair, too!!! Must be that time! They look soo cute!

    What is five in a row?

  2. Glad you're enjoying your curriculum so far. We studied Japan a few years ago and so I had my youngest make an entire Japanese dinner--lots of fun!

    I commented on the prior blog entry since you gave me a positive shout-out instead of insulting llama pictures! :)

    You're my best bud again! :)
    (p.s.-don't tell my trainer/friend Lisa, though--she thinks she's my best bud)

  3. Oh good, because I thought you must really be ticked off ;)

    And I sure wouldn't want to tick off an Italian who happens to spit and smell a little bit.