Tuesday, August 17, 2010

short and NOT sweet.

I had to 'snake' the toilet today......

I didn't feel much like a lady doing that.


  1. I'm sorry. I'm sure you didn't. But you have to admit, there is a certain satisfaction, isn't there?

  2. You're an odd duck Gretchen.

  3. Wow! She can bring home the bacon....fry it up in a pan...snake the toilet...and never, never, never, never let him forget he's a man...'cause she's Jodi..oh yeah! (Do you remember that commercial?) If so, you were singing right along...if not, you're wondering what I've been smoking today. ha ha

  4. HA haha, YES, I remember that commercial, I used to sing it when I was young.

    And Yes, I'm wondering what you've been smoking ;)

    Indeed, I'm a woman of many talents.