Monday, August 23, 2010

Henry and Harry....

Our ferret Henry died overnight. We had 2 ferrets for years and the garage because well, have you ever smelled a ferret? Yeah.

But our Harry died last summer :( and poor Henry was left alone over the winter. They had a 'winter house' and a 'summer cottage' out there, and I know poor Henry missed Harry and was lonesome.

So now, when the kids were sad I explained that they were together again in heaven and happy. So, they are going to dig a hole on our 'cemetary on the hill' in our back yard and have a funeral today.

Dasvidaniya Henry!


  1. Calling your "excess skin" chub doesn't make you a red-neck. Having a pet cemetary on the hill in the backyard unfortunately does, though. Either that or it makes you a Stephen King wanna-be?

  2. Ha! Don't I know it!

    We're the talk of the culd-de-sac...we had a neighbor girl over one day and she said her mom was on the phone telling someone how weird we were to bury all our pets in our back yard :)

    It's one reason we fenced off our yard, that same woman was telling her snooty friends that we put our dead dog on HER clearly was not! We keep our dead animals on our OWN property, thank you very much!

    Ugh, the things people find to complain about.

    Besides....doesn't everyone do that?

  3. I do!!!! I'll even take it one step further. I want my ashes to be back there with all of them. I would do that though no matter where I lived. I even have friends and family who have BOUGHT plots or put the pets ashes on their dresser. Now that might be going a little to far! hahahaha!
    RIP Henry

  4. so sorry about your little ferrets. my son has a ferret, george and we love him :) he is on the porch ;) we love him but...they do get stinky.
    Ok my first child was my wiener dog Sam,I loved him so much and was crushed when he died :( I had him cremated and his urn is ON MY DRESSER :) :) I couldnt bear to bury him then move and leave him behind. So I guess I am a lil nutty too LOL.

  5. Maria, I DID dig up my beloved 'Bubby' (dog, but Oh, so much more ;) ) when we had to move away from the home I buried her at. It had been about a year after we buried her....and lets just say by the time I got down to her and saw her it HIT me how INSANE it was to be doing that and just plain WRONG.

    So, I tearfully covered her back up. Still miss her though ;)

  6. oh jodi! ((sniff, sniff)) how sad...that would have been me !