Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm not picky

about even or odd numbers~ as long as they're high numbers! (followers)

I just have to meet and exceed Nancy Thornell's! HA!

What do I have to do, take another trip to 'my special country' to get that # up?? Cuz, i will you know!

I know, I know..............pathetic.

and I will take sympathy followers.


  1. Too funny.... I SO HOPE YOU GO BACK TO GET A CUTE LITTLE GUY I AM HOPING TO VISIT SOON... Praying, Praying Praying... I can't help you with your numbers though - I've been following since you were there in the spring!!

  2. Okay....Lizzy is a follower now...are you happy? I am.

  3. Hey! If you have a day that works for you, you guys should come to the lake for a day!

    Yup, I'm following your blog now:)

  4. Oh no, Lizzy becoming a follower bumped Lisa's picture off of your page...sorry Lisa....

  5. you are too darn funny :)
    I am already a follower, otherwise I would have added myself :)