Thursday, August 19, 2010


My parents come over for breakfast every morning.

My dad's a snus chewer.

He spit his snus in an empty can of chocolate pediasure. yuck, I know.

Alex was outside and apparently very thirsty.

He ran in the house and grabbed the can off the table and before anyone could stop him he CHUGGED it!

Yes, he chugged snus spit from grandpa.


Then he started gagging and doing the dry heave type of thing.

He didn't look so good , but after drinking some milk and sitting for a couple minutes, he was all spit and vinegar again! (pun intended)


  1. WOW. My husband is trying hard to quit this disgusting habit after 20 years. I am always telling him how it will negatively impact the little boys. I am going to let him read this post... that oughta help my cause. Thank you!! ;)

  2. What exactly is snus? Do you mean snuff? Or is this some homemade version of store-bought snuff that you folks in the Hollow make from whatever grows in your backyard? I'm thinking twice about having you move to our neighborhood in NC! We don't take too kindly to no hillbillies movin' next door ya know?

  3. Lizzy and I looked it up. It is a moist snuff. I thought Jodi was just uneducated. (Sorry Jodi :-) Us city folks don't hear much about snus. Not all Minnesotans use that stuff...they live in small-town Minnesota. Wait a sounds like you have been luring her to NC!!??

  4. That was before I started hearing about her family's bad habits. ha ha! Actually, Jodi put out a "where is the best place to live" blog post a few months ago. I suggested NC but perhaps Tennessee or South Carolina would be close enough eh?

    I can't believe you guys haven't visited each other yet! What a golden opportunity. Let me know when you plan this get-together. Maybe I'll surprise you all with my big ole' llama self!

  5. Well, isn't that a nice howdy do from my two pals.

    One says I'm a hillbillie.....(as if there's something WRONG with that!)

    and the other calles me 'uneducated'. Hmp.

    Well, all I got to say to that is one of you is hairy and spits and the other has an odd facination with snaking a toilet.

    I think that's enough said.

    And I suppose it would prove certain points stated above if I were to say that I hosed off 2 kids today in the back yard, (because I was out of wipes) another kid was skinny dipping in our ornamental pond in the front yard and a third one was running around the culd-de-sac in only his underwear and moonboots.

    Oh, do both of you still want us to come visit??

  6. I'll get back to you soon.....

  7. Umm....I think I'm booked through 2012. Then you can come visit me in the White House. (Shhh..don't tell anyone about that though).