Sunday, August 8, 2010

the weekend

was long.

It's been a super hot/like tropical hot around here lately. The kids get cranky, mama gets cranky then WE ALL get cranky.

Michael and I went to Walmart on Friday and we bought things for him to sell at the corner stand he set up. I figured it was a good way to keep him occupied. So far, so good ;)

He made $44 in one morning! So, he had to pay me back for the merchandise; pop, freezies, suckers, pop rocks, juicies, licorice, silly bands, and candy.
But he's quite happy with having a few bucks in his pocket. And it DOES keep him busy :)

The only thing is that he has a lot of things to pull down to the corner and back. We live on a culd-de-sac on an incline, and today he was pulling his cart back up the street to come home and his whole thing of 697 gumballs fell and all went rolling down the hill.

Luckily, his dad took pity on him and helped him pick them all up.

I've been cleaning and rearranging this weekend and I really don't feel well on top of it. I took a nap today because I didn't feel well, while my sweet husband went grocery shopping for me.
The little boys took a nap too, but Toma isn't used to taking one so instead he took off all his clothes and pe*d in his crib. Now I have to strip that down. The laundry is already a mountain!

But I have to thank all 6 of you that are now following me (albeit out of pity) but hey, I'm not complaining.

Lizzy, you are such a sweet girl! Really. Thank you for your kind invitation, we would love to bring the gang over sometime :)

Well, that is if your mom is still talking to me after the Elton John comment.


  1. I didn't decide to follow out of pity...your blog makes me want to come back for more. :)

  2. I've been a lurker for quite awhile so guess I should make myself known and become a follower. I do enjoy keeping up with you and your family.

  3. I'm only following for pity-sake....I'm just addicted now on top of it. Some people say nicer things like Buzz Lightyear. We have been told Elton John before...but for different reasons! You can still come to the lake.

  4. and I are tied at 46!!!! I don't have it in me to solicit followers.

  5. I am not following you out of pity! I'm also here in MN. I have 4 adults sons who are all out of the house now, my 14 year old daughter still at home has Down syndrome. We're working on a RR adoption from Serbia.

  6. Hi Jodi,
    I'm number 47! YAY! I have actually been following you for a long time, but had not signed up as a follower. I really do enjoy your blog. Please visit ours some time. We are adopting Jenny from RR. Here is the link

  7. how funny are boys :)
    I love that Michael is having fun and making money. Danny would have done the same thing with the gum balls :)
    hee hee, I can just imagine his face when he saw the container fall and the gum balls rolling down the hill!