Saturday, March 12, 2011

Artiom's big news :)

He lost his first tooth!  (teeth, actually)
He must have swallowed the first one though, because I didn't find it anywhere...yet.  But I wiggled the second one until it popped out.  He laughed and laughed. 

This was kind of special because obviously we missed most of his 'firsts'  because we got him when he was 5, so this was one 'first' we didn't miss :)

His glasses are in, I just have to go down to the cities to pick them up....we are STILL waiting on the hearing aids....I can't believe it.  It's been since last JULY!  The audiologist is apparently still waiting to hear from our insurance.  What in the world.  

I've been going back and forth with the two different hospitals we take him to about when to schedule the palate surgery....we've had him in twice for MRI's and x-rays to get a good idea what the issues are with his spine and neck....and if extending it for prolonged periods of time (surgery) is safe.

Well, now they said he needs yet ANOTHER MRI done to be sure.  It's a bit frustrating that they couldn't have done what they needed to do the first 2 times.

And its REALLY expensive!

So, now we are hoping to get him on a different kind of insurance this July.  So after talking to the Dr. we decided to wait on the surgery until then.  And same goes for his dental work, because of the sedation and neck extension....  but his dentist said his cavities weren't as bad as I thought they were.

He's getting much more playful with the other kids.  He's interacting a little more.  He gets excited when Rich gets home from work and goes running to him :)

He loves to go places, when he sees someone put a coat on he takes our hands and leads us to the coat rack to get his jacket too.

He's still obsessed very interested in water.  Especially the sprayer on the sink.  He had a squirt gun and loved it...kept spraying himself in the face with it and laughing....but it got a little obsessive too, so I took it away for a while.

So there you have it, my baby's not a baby anymore     :) 


  1. If I were doing my own blog I wouldn't be able to be the first one to comment on yours now would I? And besides, I homeschool so that takes up most of my time...oh, that's right, you homeschool too...sort of. tee hee

    Hurray for Toma! Michael got visited by the Ukrainian tooth fairy while we were in Ukraine so perhaps Toma will get some Grivna as well as U.S. $ under his pillow! How fun and how sweet that you didn't miss this first.

  2. Congratulations, Toma! What a cute picture of you! Jodi, thanks for doing an update on Toma. I have been wondering how he is doing. You must be coming up on him being home a year, right? I hope all the medical stuff works out. I know it can be exhausting for all invloved


  3. Aww for Toma. He looks very happy that his teeth were out. Insurance- my favorite group to deal with :)