Friday, March 11, 2011

Fatherless Friday

These are three of the most beautiful children I have EVER seen!  I could stare at them ALL day :)

Do they stir your heart when you look at them? 

Do you feel drawn to one in he/she was meant to be your child?

They desperately need families....they have NO future without someone stepping forward to claim them as their own.

They are simply precious.  In every sense of the word.  Is one of them your child? 

Date of Birth: September 2008
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark
Character: calm, inhibited


Birth Date: February 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark
Character: calm

From a missionary who visited with him recently: Elden is very lively, joyful and playful boy. He loves games and jokes. He is the favourite of kids and personnel at the orphanage. Elden is a special kid. Before he was weak but due to attention of caregivers and lessons he made a great progress. He become strong and now quickly learns everything new. He as well starts walking.


Date of Birth: October 2005
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Temperament: happy and excited

This stunning little boy is of mixed Russian and Middle Eastern descent. He is already 5 now and facing the institution!! More photos available, single moms welcome!

From a missionary who visited with him recently: Slowly but surely Kyle develops new skills: eats without help, learns to walk. Systematic massage, physiotherapy and lessons on development of speech bringing good results. Kyle is a child with special needs, who needs a loving mother, her caring hands. A mother who will help him to adapt to the outside world.

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  1. I've been following adoption blogs ever since I discovered "saving sofia". From there I have found more...yours is one and may others I heart is heavy with this and I so want to do this....but I tell husband would never go for it BUT have never even mentioned it to him....Well....I am in love with Eldon and I think he is meant to be mine!!! I showed his picture to my husband just now and asked if we could make him part of our family....he didn't say yes but he didn't say no and he asked, "how old is he?" Then he said to our 6 and a half year old son, Jeremy, "Look Jeremy, its your brother." Can you tell me how to find him on reeses rainbow....I was looking and wondered if maybe he has already been found by a family....

    my email is jaki dot berggren at yahoo dot com