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World Down Syndrome Day~ Sweet Elden

This post comes from someone with a similar heart for these beautiful children.  Her name is Jaki and she's fallen in love with Elden and wants desperately to find him a family.....check out her blog :)  and take another look at sweet Elden, who is still waiting for his family to come for him.

21-3-11 World Down Syndrome Day

Today, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day!


3/21 represents the 3 copies of chromosome 21 that makes those individuals with the extra chromosome unique in their own special way.


While our country has a long way to go to complete acceptance of these individuals, who are only a blessing to those lucky enough to know them, other countries still consider them unworthy of a normal life. Parents are socially forced to place their children in an orphanage in hopes that someone from another country will adopt them and give them the life they deserve and help them to reach their full potential. If their forever family does not find them by the age of 5 the child is placed in an institution and is unadoptable. They will spend the rest of their life in miserable conditions.....and most will not live a full life.

Reece's Rainbow is an International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry that helps those forever families out there find their child and bring them home!!! They do this....."Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome."


Meet Elden (pictured below)!

God has place this child in my heart in a BIG way! I don't know yet if we are meant to be his forever family or if I am touched by his smile so there is someone out there helping his grant grow on Reece's Rainbow to help his forever family bring him home. Until that becomes clear to me I am on a mission to get some money in his grant fund. I have made the first $5 donation to his grant fund and would love if others out there would prayerfully consider donating just $5 today, 3/21, in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. It is so HERE and then click the donate button under his description. Because you are donating through Reece's Rainbow your donations are tax deductible. Consider passing up that coffee at Starbucks or that shamrock shake at McDonald's. And don't think that just $5 will never be enough....every penny helps! Elden just turned 4 in February...the clock is ticking quickly...soon his time will be up and he will face the institution and that sweet smile will be no longer!

Elden ~ Boy ~ Birthday February 2007 ~ Brown Eyes ~ Dark Hair

He is described as having a calm character.

From a missionary that visited with him recently:

"Elden is very lively, joyful and playful. He loves games and jokes. He is a favorite of kids and personnel at the orphanage. Elden is a special kid. Before he was week but due to attention of caregivers and lessons he made a great progress. He has become strong and now quickly learns everything new. He as well started walking."


Please, if you are willing, share this post with your family and friends. Help me rally for Elden and find him a forever family!!!


Click here to donate to Elden's grant fund!

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Thanks Jaki for a beautiful post on Elden....I'd love to help you find him a family :)

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