Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fatherless Friday ~ For the love of Paisley

Ok, well I tried to make this as cool as Gretchen's blog post  But after about 45 minutes of copying pictures and trying to line them up with the appropriate spots....I figured it would be much wiser to just post their links.

But first look at darling Paisley....

Her family at  is trying desperately to raise the funds to bring her home...right now she's a lonely little orphan in Eastern Europe...but she has a mom and a dad and 3 big brothers that can't WAIT to make her part of the family :)

Renee, (mom) has been pulling out all the stops to make this happen...she has been baking up a storm for months to earn money for the adoption and on top of that she is giving away some beeeautiful  jewelry....

Her friends have gone PINK for Paisley!

And Renee has taken a pie in her face...And so has another loyal friend, only I can't gt that picture to load, BUT YOU CAN SEE IT ON HER BLOG  :)

All this ....and countless, countless, prayers for their little girl to come home.  The daughter of her heart <3.
Please check out her blog, pray along with her and help out if you can.


  1. Yours is way more original...You are awesome!

  2. Thank you Jodi, for leaving this up for Paisley. Thank you for your wonderful heart, not just for Paisley but for all of the children you advocate for. Still working on that Jacee Badeaux autograph...not giving up yet!

    Love finds a way,