Friday, March 25, 2011

My dad was on a roll today....

But you all know my dad is 'salty' keep that in mind.

He came in the door today (they come over every morning for breakfast) shuffling his way to the table and his pants fell down!  He forgot his suspenders, ha haa ha.
 Then he sat down on the couch and said if he couldn't have a certain chair at the table (the one I was on) that he wasn't going to eat. 
Then when he came to the table because I gave him the chair, I put an egg in front of him.  He looked at it and said "you know this came out of a chickens a**hole"  (SORRY! but I told you he was salty)

Then he took a drink of his pediasure and coughed it all over. 

Then after breakfast he went back to the couch and was grabbing Alex and making him scream.  Alex and Mackenzie had been playing with a toy rifle and Alex was screaming  "Mackenzie, grab the gun...grab the gun"!!!! 

Do things like this happen at YOUR house?  Or is mine just a nut-house......


  1. Pretty sure it's just your house. Then again, as our parents are aging I may have to come back and change my comment! My Father in Law is a piece of work! LOL

  2. Oh Jodi, I am so glad they happen at your house.. we only get Dash picking his nose and wiping it on his van window..salty, right??

  3. You are just extra blessed Jodi! ;o) Your Dad is an extra special salty nut in your mixed nuts!! You know the one everyone digs around in the bowl for!! (((HUGS))) Now hopefully the kids won't tell their friends where those eggs come from??!!

  4. We have lots of salty people here in my house. So much salt, that I need a nap everyday!