Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goofy but TRUE things about me

I was thinking today about some of the more odd things that I've done in my life...and thought I'd share a few.  You do realize there is more to the list...that I had to weigh to share or not...and chose NOT. haha
I don't wanna lose my followers ;)

#1)  I once started my hair on fire trying to have a romantic dinner with my soon- to -be husband.  No more candles for me....

#2) when I was a child I had a cow horn go through my skull. 

#3) I had a root canal in Ukraine.

#4)  I super glued all my fingers together,on both hands, accidentally.

#5) I had to be tested to see if I was ready for Kindergarten....they asked me what I drank out of.....I said 'a cup'  they said  what else?  I said 'a beer can' ......I didn't get into Kindergarten that year.

#6) I knocked all the teeth out of a cow skull and put them all under my pillow thinking I would really score big from the Tooth Fairy.    Didn't work... I got a dime.

#7)  I had to give a baby guinea pig mouth to mouth.  And a kitten.  They both survived :)  But my husband hasn't kissed me since.

#8)  As a teenage girl I once ......hmmmmm...I think that goes under the 'don't tell' list....sorry. (nothing REALLY bad, but it involved a shot gun)

#9)   My daughter and I were both pregnant at the same time...now that was a little weird!

#10) I once dug up my dead dog when we were moving.  I was going to take her with after she'd been dead about a year.  It was a BAD idea.......


  1. Oh my gosh!! That is the best list ever!!

  2. Wow Jodi! You have lived an *interesting* life :)

  3. Crazy, goofy, interesting but for some reason not surprising.. :)

    Much love,

  4. I noticed you didn't give mouth-to-mouth to a llama. What did you do...let her die?

    I want to hear the shotgun story!!!! Did it involve your marriage to Rich? hehehehehe

    Love you anyway Jodi!

  5. ha haa ha Kristin, YES, she was nasty, so I let her die.

    Very nasty.

    with PMS.

  6. How did I miss this list?!?!?!? You are way too funny....

    And she sleeps with a blow-dryer!!!