Friday, March 11, 2011

Mardi Gras and Jacee, of course!

Here's my favorite young singer at Mardi Gras....

More interviews...  (isn't he cute!)  (another video of his Mardi Gras performance)

His proud Mother :)

throwing the beads....

being silly, because he's a kid and he CAN!

**there's lots more pictures on this link if you're interested...  I wish him all the best, he's a really neat young man  :)


  1. Okay. He is a VERY neat kid. He does look like he is just having fun.

    Have you googled Mardi Gras? You will find quite a bit of information. Now you may even find information AND Jaycee.

    I didn't get to watch any videos as life is a little nutty right now.

    Let me guess---Toma's first words were "Gretchen's GREAT!!!"

  2. I get Mardi Gras (as in pre-lent)....what I don't entirely get is the costumes and seems a little creepy.

    And no, he didn't speak......I WISH!

    But I bet he's 'thinking' Gretchen's great ;)