Thursday, March 24, 2011

the things we do to beautify ourselves ;)

I just got some 'Ancient Aztec Secret Clay' facemask....the instuctions said mix with vinegar and leave on for 10 in MY way of thinking if 10 minutes has good results then 25 minutes will have FABULOUS results...right??


My face feels like it's on fire!


But I bet once the redness goes away, I'm going to be beeeeautiful ;)


  1. Oh, Jodi! You crack us up! Thank you again for our daily dose of "Jodi Humor". We want to see pictures of the end results :) Where did you find this stuff????

  2. You are a trip... Thanks for the good hearty laugh I just had!

  3. You sure are adventuresome Jodi!!! First, the peroxide and now this!!! You know, you don't need this stuff, you are beautiful just the way your are!

  4. Weeeeeeeeeeeell maybe not!! ROTFL!! That redness is usually the first sign that my face will break out next from allergic reaction to new untried facially products!! Here's hoping you turn back to your natural color soon!! But then you aren't "old" like me and your lovely dad so you will retain your beauty no matter what! (((HUG)))

  5. Jodi, vinegar is an acid... just saying :)

    Love you and your purdy self,

  6. We here, like my family, think that was a bad choice!

  7. Oh, but we still love you. You STILL haven't scared me off yet, Jodi!

  8. Dang......

    But did you read the post about my dad??