Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Can you help these little girls come home???

These two girls are orphans in Eastern Europe.  They both have medical issues that need attention...little Nastya below needs it SOON.  As you can see she needs surgery on her skull before further damage is done to her brain from the pressure. My son was born with a similar condition and needed total skull reconstruction because of the pressure on is brain.  When they took his skull apart there were indentations of his brain already on the skull tissue...and he was only 6 months old!

This poor girl needs to come home QUICKLY....

The wonderful news is that they have a family that WANTS THEM...that LOVES THEM already.... that is doing everything they can do to bring them home!
But they need HELP. 

This is Moira...she has arthrogryoposis.  Her hands and feet are affected.  She needs medical attention also so that someday she can walk, and hold her toys and run around and play...She needs her family to come for her SOON.

Can you take a minute to check out their blog??  These girls have a wonderful family just waiting for them ....they'll have 3 sisters and a brother and a mommy and daddy to love them :) 

It's a dream come true for these two orphans...a dream come true.

But please, help in any way you can....whether it be participating in their AWESOME raffle for a diamond ring (and other things, go look!)  or if it's through donations OR if it's through can do something to help...we all can.

For those of you who have adopted or are in the process right know what it's like to wait. AND WAIT.  And wait some more...

And wonder every minute of the day if your child is ok, if he or she is treated well, if they are hungry, lonely, sick, sad, happy....or even transferred to an institution or different orphanage.  It's just wondering all the time!  And hoping and PRAYING. 

It's tough, it's stressful, but it's something these parents willingly choose to do, because of LOVE and COMPASSION for the least of these....

But as one, we can see these girls home. 


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