Saturday, March 5, 2011

yes, I'm still alive...

But I still feel 'fizzy'...........

I'll check that off the list of things I'll NEVER do again.

And I only posted it in case ya'll were thinking about doing save you some misery ;)


  1. Jodi - I can't say it enough - your blog makes me smile and laugh and enjoy life and everything! I am always so happy each time you post because you just plain make my day!

  2. Hurray! You're alive!!! What would the world bew without Jodi? So, how much weight did you lose with this latest escapade??? Tell Rich if he needs a vacation (from you) then he could ship you out to NC for awhile. I'll hide all over-the-counter medicines and supplies while you're here, though. :)

  3. ROFL Should have asked someone. Peroxide is what we give our dogs to induce vomiting!

  4. Hey Jodi, I once or twice drank apple cider vinegar because it was supposed to help with either losing weight or something. It was terrible, not as terrible as I imagine hydrogen peroxide to be but gross nonetheless. Hey, go put a little bowl of it in your denali, maybe your mouse will get sick and find a new place to live...or maybe you'll have little itty bitty spots of mouse throwup in your car...bad idea, nevermind.. :)

  5. Kristin, all done and said I probably lost about a pound.....and lets just say it was NOT worth it.

    Besides, I made flan yesterday and gained that and more back.

    Have you ever had Mexican Flan with cream cheese....oh my.

    Renee....I used to be on the apple cider vinegar kick...has to be with the 'mother' you know, not just any apple cider will do. And the virgin coconut oil thing too....I have to give those a try again.

    I'm off to put some hydrogen peroxide in the denali ;)

  6. Make sure you put some tiny barf bags next to the mouse sized peroxide bowl... :)