Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guess where I'm going......

Alligator Point Florida!!!!!!!

I'm SO excited. 

Last year when we came home from Ukraine our seats got bumped, so we got 2 free tickets...they were about to expire, so we booked a trip down to FLORIDA :)

We can only stay a few days,  but it's better than nothing :)

Alligator Point is a little forgotten part of the Florida panhandle....it's not your typical beach vacation, but we're not your typical beach goers...so it's all good!

Ahhhhhh....peace and quiet for 3 days.  


We don't leave for over a month....I'm just excited ;)


  1. Dear Jodi,
    I'm so happy for you. You deserve a get away after the winter you have had. I hope you will be keeping us up to date while you are there. I'm sure you will have an adventure or two to share with us :)


  2. Just you and Rich? How romantic!!! I'm a little hurt that you didn't pick Sunny NC. I told you you guys could stay in the squirrel-stocked tree house. It's quite spacious and somewhat exotic. Oh well. Maybe next time!

  3. it sounds a lot like the place we ARE staying! ha ha.

  4. oh, yeah it will just be the two of us unless I can figure out some way to bring Michael along....he's begging me and I want to SOOOO bad.

    But Rich won't talk to me about it :(