Sunday, March 20, 2011

Michael bought his brother a birthday present with his own money :)

Alex is turning 4 soon, but Michael didn't want to wait...
So, he gave it to him today...

                       Brother hugs....Toma has to get a little love too ;)

It's a thomas the train board Alex can drive his trains on!( he got it at a garage sale, that's my boy!)  Michael's my big sweetie :)

*******  oh, and another sweet thing about Michael...every single night he has to kiss me 6 times and say "God loves you and so do I and the rest of the family"  and he say's that twice ...every single night ;)

He's my tender hearted boy.


  1. Oh, Jodi, how sweet. You can see in the pictures how much Michael loves his brothers. Happy Birthday to Alex!


  2. Aww Jodi, what a love he is. Thank you for blessing my heart with this post and sharing your beautiful family with all of us. You are indeed blessed.

    Love finds a way,

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  4. What a sweet son Michael is! Maybe he can give my son some lessons!